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(Editors Note: April Fools! And Thank You Extinction Rebellion! Though you nailed me and I had to come back to this post and add this prebuttal, good job. We can only hope Google and others like them will take the lead and discredit where discreditation is due!)


In an excellent move, Google is ceasing relationships with known major climate denial organizations. This is an excellent way to communicate the societal nefariousness of the most blatant anti-climate science, anti-society offenders. Please help the commons use this resource as a guidepost to help begin to restore our climate and reverse irreversible climate tipping points that have already been activated before they complete their initiations, with the results of highly plausible unrecoverable societal scenarios. From Google’s announcement:

“In lieu of our normal April Fools’ joke, today we’re getting serious. Over the past few weeks, the world has come to a halt, our healthcare systems have been overwhelmed, and countless people are experiencing food and housing insecurity. This crisis has caused Google to reflect on how critical it is to respond to another global emergency: climate change. Today, we would like to announce a small step in that direction: we will stop our funding of organizations that deny or work to block action on climate change, effective immediately.”

The list is below. If you have relationships, contacts with, or ever read or watch anything produced or associated with these organizations, please follow Google’s lead and abandoning all contacts with them, and importantly, by calling out the outrageous science denying, civilization destroying actions of these organizations in the most public way possible. If you ever see any of these organizations referenced in media reports, please contact the media organization that is referencing these exceedingly bad players and tell that media organization; that by simply mentioning these antiscience organizations they create support for their societally collapsing agendas. Only we can prevent collapse of our civilization from blatant irresponsible and selfish actions. These organizations have no concept of foresight that is not focused on their own agendas.

  • The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which urged the Trump administration to withdraw from the Paris Accords,[1]
  • The American Enterprise Institute, which has called the climate crisis an “antihuman worldview,”[2]
  • Americans for Tax Reform, which has promoted the claim that the science behind climate change is manipulated by the agenda of liberal scientists,[3]
  • The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action, which has called carbon dioxide something “insidious and ridiculous to regulate,”[4] and was also a main driver behind the withdrawal from the Paris Accords,
  • The American Conservative Union, whose chairman, Matt Schlapp, has vocally opposed climate measures like the EPA’s Clean Power Plan,[5]
  • The Cato Institute, which has opposed climate legislation, claiming that there is “ample time” to address the climate crisis,[6]
  • The Mercatus Center, which frequently opposes environmental regulations,[7] in one instance arguing that smog-free skies would result in more cases of skin cancer,[8]
  • The State Policy Network, launched by ALEC and the Heartland Institute,[9] the latter an extremist organization that claims “the global warming crisis is over”, and that “there is no need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and no point in attempting to do so”.[10] They have also called for removing the Environmental Protection Agency, rolling back all environmental regulations and stopping the funding of the renewable energy sector.[11]

Read the rest of Google’s announcement here: Today Google stops funding climate change deniers, April 1, 2020