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Extreme winter weather blamed on global warming

By January 27, 2010February 24th, 2013Extreme Weather

Well, they told us this would happen. Since the early 1980s. scientists have been saying that the weather would get more variable, that storms would get worse in a warmer planet.  A new report by the National Wildlife Federation reports that this is just what is happening.  The last couple of winters have been peculiarly active.  Warmer weather has kept the great lakes open and increased lake-effect snow. A cold snap across the south in Early April 2007 caused billions in agricultural damage because the warmer than normal march preceding the cold snap had caused orchards to bud. They were frozen by the cold snap. Warmer winters are responsible for the massive never-before-seen beetle outbreak in the Rockies. Warm weather will make normal snow belt areas experience more ice storms – which are immensely more damaging.

Odd-ball Winter Weather: Global Warming’s Wake-Up Call for the Northern United States, National Wildlife Federation, January 2010.