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Complete Moratorium on New Coal Fired Power Plants Needed

By September 10, 2008March 25th, 2014Solutions

Dr. James Hansen, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the premier US climate modeling agency, Testified before a British court on Friday that no new coal fired power plants should be constructed that do not capture and store carbon dioxide, and that all non carbon dioxide capturing power plants should be closed within twenty years.  Hansen was giving evidence in a trial in England for six Greenpeace protestor who painted the name of the British Prime Minister "Gordon" in giant letters on a 650 foot tall stack of a coal fired power plant.  Hansen’s quote "The activists drawing attention to the issue seems to me as justified. You should try to do things through the democratic process, but we really are getting to an emergency situation. We can’t continue to build more coal-fired power plants that do not capture CO2 if we hope to solve the problem. "