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El Nino

Feedbacks kick in: 2017 is second warmest without El Niño influence

By Arctic, El Nino, feedback, La Nina, Temperature

Feedbacks kick in: 2017 is second warmest without El Niño influence by Bruce Melton First published on The Rag Blog, February 1, 2018 NOAA, the UK Met, and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have all stated that 2017 was third warmest. But these three organizations use data that only averages temperature in the Arctic out to…

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Third 100-year Plus Drought in Amazonia in Ten Years

By Abrupt changes, Drought, El Nino, forest health, Forest Mortality, Shifting Ecology

The list of Amazonian drought records has grown to Amazonian proportions. Three 100-year plus droughts in a decade have taken their toll. Along with continual man-created ecological compromise, climate warming, and forest mortality from drought a very strong El Nino has grown into their strongest drought ever recorded since record keeping began in 1900. The…

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Warm Winter, Early Spring: Is Climate Change a Mixed Bag or are we Kidding Ourselves?

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Antarctica, Beaches coastal, Climate Catastrophes, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, CO2, Deniers and Delayers, Drought, economics, El Nino, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Extreme Weather, forest health, Forest Mortality, Glaciers, Greenland, Gulf Stream, ice sheet, ice sheets, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, IPCC, modeling, Negative emissions, Oceans, pine beetle, Policy, politics, Psycho, Scenarios, Sea Level Rise, Shifting Ecology, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Winter Weather

President Trump it seems, has given us permission to backslide with our thinking about climate change. Until we have rule or law that tells us we must do something about climate pollution, “those that would rather it not be real” have won. This allows the debate to rage encouraging doubt. The Clean Power Plan and…

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Godzilla Niño and the Blob: How Weather Cycles and Ocean Temperatures Mask Global Warming

By El Nino, Gulf Stream, in-depth and Popular Press, Oceans, pause hiatus, Temperature, Uncategorized

First published on Truthout: October 4, 2015. Over 20 years after a global consensus of earth scientists at the Rio Earth Summit first suggested we control carbon dioxide emissions to prevent dangerous climate change, the United States has finally acted. This is excellent news for 20 years ago but today, Kyoto V2 (the EPA’s Clean…

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The Pause… The Hiatus… Temperature Flattening Myth, Part 6

By El Nino, global cooling pollutants, Myths, pause hiatus, Temperature

Work from the  Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW (The University of New South Wales), Australia Shows what temps would be like without anthropogenic interference—including aerosols in the mid 20th century! These researchers used the latest generation of climate model simulations  to investigate the occurrence of hiatus periods in the past and under two future scenarios….

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Warming Pause Part 5

By El Nino, Myths, Temperature

Why is the warming “pause” happening? Carbon dioxide emissions continue to skyrocket. Is it because of natural cycles or because climate scientists have a conspiracy agenda? Or are they simply wrong? The temperature rise has slowed slightly when looking at the short-term, but only slightly. Deniers however say that since 1998 it hasn’t changed at…

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