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New Media Bias: Climate Change Contrarians Preferred in Media, Shaping Policy AND Science

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Oaks killed by drought near Visalia, California. Media Disproportionately Publishes Climate Change Contrarian’s Positions “Climate Change is a Wicked multidimensional problem,” say the authors of this research  from Nature Communications on the disparity between publishing of articles on climate science vs. climate antiscience in the media. The motivation of this study was, “to provide insights…

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Climate Science Compromise Feedback Loop and Unrecoverable Impacts

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Why are climate change impacts so much worse than projected? What does it mean? Why don’t we do something? In a nutshell, science is conservative, it’s slow, and the great climate consensus that has evolved to protect our society compounds the understating nature of the industry of science. This creates a vastly understating public facing message. …

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False Balance in the Media Reduces Climate Science Credibility, Oxford English Dictionary

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False Balance in the Media Reduces Climate Science Credibility, Oxford English Dictionary “Journalists have struggled historically to apply the notion of balance to the reporting of climate change science, because even though the overwhelming majority of the world’s experts agree that human-driven climate change is real and will have major future impacts, a minority of scientists dispute this consensus….

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What Is the Most Meaningful Way to Increase Climate Action

By Climate Reform, communications, Media, Messaging, Psycho, Solutions, Strategy, The Unexpected, What we can do

What can we do as individual citizens that is the most meaningful of all climate change actions? How can we best use our time to create the biggest difference? This question has a very surprising answer. The 2016 Yale Program on Climate Communications poll Spiral of Silence is a short, simple “must read” for anyone…

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Legacy Climate Policy: The Scale of the Current Science and Need for DAC

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In the run up to the Paris climate talks, current policy is far behind. Virtually unknown is science stating that the solutions to treating climate pollution are simple, cheap and radically change a generation of policy we are currently trying to implement. Legacy climate policy being enacted today, and proposed at the Paris climate talks is…

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Arctic Sea Ice and Al Gore’s “Prediction 2013” by Bruce Melton PE, Original Post on Truthout 10/04/13

By Arctic Sea Ice, Media,

Predictable, the voices are rising as Arctic sea ice melt season peaks. Gore did not say “2013.” He said as soon as 2013. The scientists he quoted were led by sea ice researcher named Wieslaw Maslowski at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. Their research is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE),…

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