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April 2009

New Articles in the journal Nature say climate change is worse than thought, is happening faster with greater impacts and is going to be more difficult to control

By Scenarios

To limit warming to 2 degrees C by 2050, the world must limit greenhouse gas emissions to 275 gigatons between 2000 and 2050.  Considering that we have already emitted nearly one third of this 275 gigatons in nine years, this is going to be "extremely difficult" says the author of the report (Meinhausen). The research…

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The Potential for Catastrophic Sea-level Rise in the Near-future is Confirmed: 6.5 to 10 feet in 10 to 24 years at Xcaret reef, Yucatan Peninsula, 120k yrs bp

By Sea Level Rise

April 27, 2009 Teams from the Institute of Marine & Limnological Sciences, at the University of Mexico and the Institute of Marine Science in Germany published a report in the April 9 scientific journal Nature that shows a sea level rise of six and a half to ten feet in 10 to 24 years because…

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The Wilkins Ice Shelf Continues its Collapse

By Uncategorized

The Wilkins ice shelf is 5,000 square miles of ice on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula – an area large than the state of Connecticut. It started in February 2008 (the end of the Antarctic Summer). It continued through the Antarctic winter which was a big surprise to scientists. That sort of thing…

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This is Just Funny (and sad)

By Climate Change Jokes

It’s from an article on Yahoo. "Ask 15 Republicans the same questions about climate change and you get 20 different answers!" The author, Lisa Lerer says: in March, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told a national conservative radio program that the Earth is “cooling,” not warming. After the EPA CO2 Endangerment Ruling, the article…

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World’s forests to become carbon sources instead of carbon sinks within a few decades

By Emissions, Forest Mortality

A new mega report by the  International Union of Forest Research Organizations states the obvious. Persistent drought, insect infestations and disease have increased just as the scientists predicted they would over 20 years ago. These problems have already had enormous impacts on the forests of the world and those impacts are increasing in severity and…

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Arctic Sea Ice Thinnest Ever

By Arctic Sea Ice

Only 10% of Arctic Sea ice is is older than two years old. The maximum coverage of sea ice this winter was the fifth lowest ever recorded (The six lowest winter ice coverage totals have all occurred in the last six years.) First year ice, ice that melts every summer, makes up 70% of Arctic…

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The Only Thing Worse Than Climate Change is the American Publics’ Perception of Climate Change

By Deniers and Delayers, Ozone Hole

 Over 97% of climate scientists understand that humankind has been a significant contributor to rising temperatures across the planet yet 42% of Americans believe there is a lot of disagreement between climate scientists.  Polls and surveys tell us a lot of things. They all do not tell us the same things, but they often do…

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