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March 2010

Ten Things (16) You Should Know About the Climate Crisis:

By Help

Ten Things You Should Know About the Climate Crisis: US News has come up with ten embarrassingly lame things that we all should know about climate change: 1. Climate change is defined as any significant variation in climate measures—precipitation, temperature, wind—for an extended period, usually decades or longer. 2. Global warming is a rise in…

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Greenland Melt Accelerating

By Uncategorized

  – Abstract – Greenland’s main outlet glaciers have more than doubled their contribution to global sea level rise over the last decade. Recent work has shown that Greenland’s mass loss is still increasing. Here we show that the ice loss, which has been well-documented over southern portions of Greenland, is now spreading up along…

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NASA Says No Change in Rate of Warming

By Uncategorized

In their Current GISS Global Surface Temperature Analysis, NASA finds that the there has been no reduction in the global warming trend of 0.15-0.20°C/decade that began in the late 1970s. The cold winter we have just had  was nothing to the extra warm Arctic winter and the extra warm southern hemisphere. The results are that…

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Take CO2 Out of the Atmosphere Now, Cornell

By CO2 Removal and Sequestration

A study by a team from Cornell says the IPCC is conservative.  Press Release, Cornell:  World policymakers have underestimated climate change impacts, says Cornell expert: Carbon must be scrubbed from atmosphere. Charles H. Greene, Cornell professor of Earth and atmospheric science, has published in the peer-reviewed journal Oceanography (March 2010).  Greene is joined on the…

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Bark Beetle Update – Millions of Acres More in 2009

By Forest Mortality

 Montana red kill up to 5 million acres from 3 in 2008. Half a million more acres of red kill in Colorado to bring the total to 3.6 million. Spruce beetle has infected an additional half million acres in southern Colorado. h class="style40"> Washington 1.36 million to 1.73 million total kill: 412,000 acres pine…

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China Emits Far More CO2 Than We Understand

By Emissions

Traditional methods of determining CO2 emissions are based on energy production. The obvious drawback to this method is that the producing country can export the goods produced from the energy that causes the emissions. The exported goods are then consumed, or used in other countries.  This is the final depository for "outsourced" manufacturing or other…

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Extreme Methane Fright – Laptev Sea and East Siberian Arctic Shelf Methane Releases Rival Those of All of Earth’s Oceans Combined

By clathrates

Sometimes I read these reports and feel that all is lost. But I also read the reports about atmospheric sequestration and geoengineering. I get to see the scientists’ understanding of what may and what may not be feasible.  Then I read the economists’ understanding of the world and climate change as we know it. I…

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Australia – Hottest Nine Months Ever Recorded

By Heat

March 2, 2010 (From the Australian Bureau of Meteorology) The summer of 2009-10 was a rather wet one for most of Australia, particularly in the east, continuing a sequence in which eight of the last eleven summers have ranked in the wettest 20 of the last 110 years. It was also a warmer-than-normal summer, which…

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