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January 2011

Atlantic Water Entering Arctic Ocean 2 degrees C Warmer Than the Last 2,000 Years

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January 27, 2011 – "Enhanced Modern Heat Transfer to the Arctic by Warm Atlantic Water", Science, (abstract) The Arctic is responding more rapidly to global warming than most other areas on our planet. Northward-flowing Atlantic Water is the major means of heat advection toward the Arctic and strongly affects the sea ice distribution. Records of…

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North Atlantic Current Change in Mid 20th Century

By Oceans

These biogeochemists are getting smarter everyday. Now they have determined how to identify different species of nitrogen that have been created in different areas.  Tropical waters create one kind of nitrogen, polar waters create another. Deep water corals utilize nitrogen in growth.  These researchers have sampled deep water corals in the northwest Atlantic off of…

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Solar Cell Discovery

By Solutions

New photovoltaic technology first reported almost a year ago is emerging that is nearly five times more efficient than current technology.  It uses silicon, like normal crystalline cells, but a unique fabrication process uses only about 2% of the amount of silicon that normal cells use and the material is created in a flexible film….

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Emissions to Rise in 2011 Despite Recession

By Emissions

January 1, 2011 CO2 A researcher at the University of Exeter in the UK leads a team that has published a paper in Nature Geoscience about projections for 2011 CO2 emissions.  Based on emissions declines during the recession and projections of economic out put for 2011, the team has found that CO2 emissions will likely…

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