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March 2011

Major Decreases in Growth of Alaskan Boreal Forest – Small Increase in Growth of Marginal Forests to the North Along the Edge of the Tundra

By Forest Mortality

One of the interesting things that this study has discovered is that decreased growth rates due to drought stress is not necessarily related to soil moisture.  Forests with normal soil moisture can experience drought stress from excessive heat. It’s like their vascular system evolved without excessive heat and therefore the capacity of the trees vascular…

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Warming Ocean Waters Around Antarctica Allow King Crabs Migrate to the Antarctic Ocean for the First Time In 40 Million Years

By Uncategorized

Sounds good?  More king crab is always good! Except when you are the vast southern oceans biologic community that has not seen claws or pinchers for forty million years. This development has been caused by a warming southern ocean, that is of course attached to the rest of the world’s oceans that are warming because…

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Extreme Heat Waves to Increase Five to Ten Times in the Next 40 Years. Europe and Russia’s 2010 Heat Wave Was the Biggest in at Least 500 Years

By Extreme Weather

Abstract below. The summer of 2010 was exceptionally warm in eastern Europe and large parts of Russia. We provide evidence that the anomalous 2010 warmth that caused adverse impacts exceeded the amplitude and spatial extent of the previous hottest summer of 2003. "Mega-heat waves" such as the 2003 and 2010 events broke the 500-year-long seasonal…

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