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May 2011

Oxygen Depletion Extinction Events During Greenhouse Oceans

By Uncategorized

From Science Daily: "What’s alarming to us as scientists is that there were only very slight natural changes that resulted in the onset of hypoxia in the deep ocean," said Professor Kennedy. "This occurred relatively rapidly — in periods of hundreds of years, or possibly even less — not gradually over longer, geological time scales,…

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Global Deforestation from Insects, Disease, Wildfire, Drought Kill – Dwarf Emissions from Third World Agriculture Deforestation

By Forest Mortality

The World Wildlife Fund says that we could lose 57 billion acres of forest to development and agriculture by 2050. There is NO mention of loss of forests due to climate change in their new report. Even though, 64 million acres are dead from a climate change induced insect attack in the North American Rockies….

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