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September 2011

The Blob Could Have Devastated Global Ecologies the Last Time Climate Changed Anywhere Near as Fast as it is Changing Today

By Impacts

This one is stranger than strange. scientists have long been puzzled by what looked like fungal bodies that seem to cover many fossils of different kinds from what is called the end-Permian. This “end-Permian” is how the end of the Permian Epoch is described. It’s also called Permian Triassic Extinction 251 million years ago when…

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Unprecedented–In Time Frames that Matter:

By Drought

Whenever we have an extreme weather event, whether it be unprecedented in the historic record or not, the climate unchangers come out of the woodwork. They are at the ready with their cries of, “It’s not unprecedented!” All the while, they appear to not be listening to what the scientists have to say. They are…

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