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December 2011

Welcome to Climate Change Texas Part 2: Drought and wildfires

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AUSTIN — If this is not climate change, then this is exactly what climate change will be in as little as a decade. What has been happening in Texas, with these unprecedented (in time frames that matter) droughts and wildfires, is exactly what the climate scientists have been warning us about for over 20 years….

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A Half Billion Trees May Have Been Killed by Drought in Texas

By Drought

Update: The final count is 301 million, right in the middle of the 100 to 500 million estimate. See October 24, 2012 discussion In a preliminary report, the Texas Forest Service says that 100 million to 500 million trees have been killed across Texas. A more detailed evaluation is due out in the spring….

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Twelve-month Average Temperature Reaches All Time High

By Temperature

The latest analysis of global temperature from GISs looks at the 12-month running average global temperature. Using the twelve month average smoothes out the chaos of monthly weather changes. The running average averages successive twelve month periods: March through February, April through March, May through April, etc. It’s a little different way of looking at…

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Scientific American Says (Erroneously) Atmospheric Capture Infeasible: Handing a Huge Piece of Pie to the Denying Delayers

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I am talking about climate science business as usual.  As in: classic conservative science. The scientists responsible for this report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences are stuck inside of their science as usual box. This a long a ridiculous debate where the “air capture” of CO2, in the world of industrial…

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