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December 2012

Texas’ Climate Change Awareness Explodes: from 57% to 71%

By Psycho

In an announcement of its latest Energy Poll results, the University of Texas Business School said that the increased agreement that climate change is happening was most notable in a group of Southern states, including Texas. The report states: This increase occurred across all political parties (Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and independent voters) with the greatest…

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20 Years of Climate Change in My Gardens in Austin Texas (Updated March 13)

By Uncategorized

Original Discussion: Planted tomatoes the first week of February. I was amazed to find plants at Home Depot. Normally we don’t get tomato plants until the first of March. For the last half dozen or so years spring has been coming earlier, requests for transplants rising and the suppliers have been meeting the demand,…

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Arctic Sea Ice Threshold Crossing

By Arctic Sea Ice

It appears that we have truly crossed a threshold. Since 2005, every year Arctic sea ice extents have been below every other year in the record back to 1979. Of course, we can’t tell with absolute statistical certainty. But we have been warned for decades that this would happen. This year’s melt record exceed the…

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