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June 2013

Missing Warming Found, Part 3

By Myths, Temperature

From the Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences, one of the largest scientific institutes in southern Europe, the French National Meteorological Service and the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (Catalonia is basically one of the 17 states in Spain). The predominant part of the “global warming has stopped myth” is based on the concept…

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Global Warming has Stopped Myth Continued

By Myths, Uncategorized

This is an easy sit-down-and-shut-up explanation for the global warming has stopped myth.  In 1998 we had an extraordinary Super El Nino unsurpassed in the modern temperature record that broke the the previous record by 33 percent. This record was almost twice the previous largest jump since climate change impacts began (1981, 21%).  This massive…

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