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November 2013

Extremely Increasing Extremes Already and the Accuracy of Climate Models

By Extreme Weather, modeling

In the long-term,  extreme weather will certainly become more extreme, with hotter heat waves and less intense cold waves, more intense  precipitation events and longer drought. But in the short-term (40 years or less) things may reverse regionally or they may increase even more dramatically than the long-term rate suggests. This new modeling work shows…

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Optimal Path for Avoiding Dangerous Change and Short-lived Greenhouse Gases

By Abrupt changes, Methane, Uncategorized

Methane (and natural gas), and black carbon (soot) are short-lived greenhouse gases relative to carbon dioxide, N20 (nitrous oxide) and CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). Limiting these short-lived greenhouse gases have obvious benefits in reducing warming. Focusing emissions reductions on these gasses also gives the benefit of delaying warming in the short-term, but really only in a world…

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Defending Francis and Vavrus: Arctic Amplification and Extreme Cold Weather

By Deniers and Delayers, Extreme Weather, Myths, Uncategorized

Arctic Amplification means more energy in the Arctic. It’s warmer there now so there is more energy there. The “amplification” part of Arctic Amplification refers to how the Arctic, which is warming at twice or more the rate of the rest of the world, reacts with the rest of world. The global air currents that…

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Temperature Flattening Myth Part V

By Myths, Temperature

New work out of the University of York in the UK and the University of Ottowa in Canada has pretty much patched another hole in perceived temperature flattening myth. We live and we learn. This story has two parts. One is about the UKs temperature dataset and the other about the main US data set…

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Beach Report: Padre Island National Seashore – Have We Tripped Over a Threshold?

By Beach Report, Beaches coastal, Sea Level Rise

(See the new gallery about this trip to Padre Island National Seashore: link) Padre Island National Seashore, October 19 and 20, 2013 (PINS) First day out: Saturday October, 19th 2013. We had planned a leisurely trip, birding, staying in town at a hotel, eating seafood, light four-wheeling and enjoying the beach. Then, Friday night a…

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