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February 2015

Methane Eruption Craters: Lots of Them

By Methane, Permafrost

Last summer the first of these appeared in the “formerly” frozen tundra of Siberia. When permafrost melts, methane can build up beneath impermeable soils and suddenly erupt. These holes are up to 100 feet wide and seven of them have been identified with many more smaller ones. Four of them have been located and three…

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Yale Climate Communications Polling great visuals

By Psycho

A new interactive website from Yale Climate Communications is up and it is very cool. And very scary too as the inset image shows. Only 63 percent of poll respondents believe climate change is happening and only 48 percent believe it is caused by man. Yale Project on Climate Communication Opinion Maps:

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Increased Flooding is Definitely a Thing

By Extreme Weather, flood, rainfall

From the abstract:  “A devastating societal and economic toll on the central United States, contributing to dozens of fatalities and causing billions of dollars in damage. As a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture (the Clausius–Clapeyron relation), a pronounced increase in intense rainfall events is included in models of future climate. Therefore, it is crucial to examine whether the magnitude…

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