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July 2019

Master Denier Frank Luntz Flips on Climate and Offers Communications Help

By Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Extreme Weather, Fire, Healthy Climate, Impacts, Messaging, Myths, Psycho, Strategy, The Unexpected, What we can do

Frank Luntz Flips – Original Climate Change Hoax Strategist Offers to Help Fight Climate Change After Nearly Losing His Home to a Firestorm in LA (See YouTube video of the Skirball Fire in Bel Air here.) The strategist that created the Conservative’s climate change playbook in 2002 has flipped. His house almost burned in a…

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Permafrost Melt Photo Tour 2018

By Abrupt changes, feedback, forest health, Forest Mortality, Impacts, Methane, Permafrost

Permafrost Melt Photo Tour Climate Change Across America 2018 Field Work Already, Alaska has flipped from a carbon sink to a carbon source from permafrost melt and methane emissions. (Commane 2017, science interpreted) Alaska — the entire state, and likely the rest of the north across the entire world —  is now emitting greenhouse gases…

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