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Casa Grande Films by Climate Discovery and the Climate Change Now Initiative

IMPORTANT MISINFORMATION FROM YOUTUBE: The “Information Panel” atop each video is from YouTube and is beyond our control. YouTube’s website says this about this information panel, “When you search or watch videos related to topics prone to misinformation, such as the moon landing, you may see an information panel at the top of your search results or under a video you’re watching.” The misinformation here is that climate change is not just as the United Nations says, “Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels,” it is also abrupt changes in weather extremes and Earth’s systems, where these changes happen in far shorter time frames than the “long term.” This misinformation gives the reader an idea that climate change is slow and we have ample time to act. Abrupt changes are anything but slow and result in what climate science calls a threshold passing through “the point of no return,” where changes become irreversible with untenable futures for humankind — unless we can restore our climate back to within the evolutionary boundaries of our Earth systems before the point of no return, that is very likely in time frames far shorter than the long term. We apologize for this dangerous and misguided misinformation.