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Climate Change Now Initiative

About the Climate Change Now Initiative is base camp for the Climate Change Now Initiative, founded in 2005, with IRS nonprofit 501c3 designation in 2013, we are the oldest independent climate science education organization in the world, tax I.D. 90-1006128. This is our charge: to read the science, talk to the scientists, interpret according to the rules of natural history, document impacts across North America and deliver to the people. The delivery is complicated by preconceived notions, lack of experience with climate change, politics, money, peers, religion, the climate change countermovement, and vested international players. Because of these great challenges, a new discipline of science is emerging: global warming psychology. This psychology tells us that because analytical left brain learning has not worked out so well with climate change, we need to use emotionally-based right brain learning strategies; and that is what we do, every day since 2005, to provide learning opportunities that work better, using images, stories, science and music. We help the public understand that delay has now created a world where simply avoiding the worst is no longer possible because tipping is activated in more than half of known tipping systems and once activated it cannot self-restore unless the tipping systems evolutionary boundaries are restored by lowering Earth’s temperature to below the temperature today that allowed these tipping systems collapses to activate. We show people climate change happening – seeing is believing – by seeking out impacts and bringing back images of climate change from some of the most important and treasured natural resources across North America, and by telling the stories of the science, of the people, and of the journey to witness the most rare natural events our civilization has ever experienced.