Solutions Not What You Think Emissions reductions alone are no longer enough. The IPCC has said we need to strongly begin to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Emissions Reductions Everything is important Coal Oil Wind Compressed Air Storage Solar Hydro Waves Currents Batteries Super Capacitors Super Conductors Direct Current Transmission Plugin Electric Vehicles Hybrid EVs Smart Grid Smart Roads Solar Concentrators Reforestation Agricultural Practices Efficiency Measures Deep Dry Geothermal Work From Home Buy Local Eat Less Beef Eat Locally Grow Vegetables Turn Off the Lights Recycle Reuse Light Bulbs Ride the Bus Reusable Bags Teleconference Telecommute Turn off the Coffee Pot Inflate Your Tires Compost Ride a Bike Insulate Your House Don't Drink the Bottled Water Plant Native Trees Walk Places Shower With a Friend But Everything Is Not Enough Not even close Everything we know how to do, combined, including planting every piece of dirt on Earth with trees, is still not enough. Not Even Close IPCC 2013 Strong Negative Emissions The Summary for Policy Makers says; "A large fraction of anthropogenic climate change resulting from CO2 emissions is irreversible on a multi-century to millennial time scale, except in the case of a large net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere over a sustained period.” Chapter 12 says; “A large fraction of climate change is largely irreversible on human time scales, unless net anthropogenic CO2 emissions were strongly negative over a sustained period.” Emissions Reductions Only a Small Fraction of What is Required A "large net removal" according to the IPCC is "largely" more than 100 percent emissions reductions. In other words, we must remove carbon from our atmosphere in an amount that "strongly" or "largely" exceeds the rate that we are emitting. This is a rare IPCC policy statement that is not quantified except for 'largely more than' or 'strongly more than net emissions.' They know that a generation of delay has radically altered the science that current policy is based upon, and have made this leap to prepare us to make much greater efforts to keep our climate under control. Existing Technologies Sky Mining For $200 per ton, using technologies developed in World War II, we can remove 50 ppm CO2 from our atmosphere for $21 trillion. This amount of money is equal to about three years of health care expenditures across the globe. New Technologies Global Thermostat Existing new field proven technologies are at $200 per ton today. Once fully industrialized their cost will fall to at least $20 per ton, meaning that we can remove 50 ppm CO2 from our atmosphere for 2.1 trillion dollars. The Costs are Trivial We spend a half trillion dollars per year across the globe on advertising. In the US, we lose a half trillion dollars per year due to sick days. The annual US military budget is a half trillion dollars, not counting wars. The Clean Air Act cost about a half trillion dollars per year. Agricultural damages from normal, non-climate change weather events every year in the US alone are a half trillion dollars. We spend a half trillion dollars a year across the globe installing toilets and wastewater systems to protect drinking water. Climate Pollution Control Cannot be Accomplished Without You The new EPA Clean Power Plan CO2 rules are only 12 percent more stringent than the Kyoto Protocol, yet since 1978 the US has emitted as much carbon dioxide as we emitted in the previous 228 years. Globally since 1984, our civilization has emitted as much carbon dioxide as in the previous 236 years. Existing Efforts Have Failed Miserably $900 Million Annual Climate Change Counter-movement Funding This extraordinary sum of money does not include hidden Citizens United money. This work looked at charity giving for 118 institutions and think tanks identified as contributing to what these researchers are calling the climate change counter-movement. This is why traditional science outreach has failed so miserably with the climate change issue, and why climate science is so mistrusted when all other sciences continue to be trusted as we have always trusted them. Drexel and Stanford Research Societal Revolution You Must Become Involved Thank You It's your responsibility. We can't do it without you. If you cannot lead, if you cannot follow, if you cannot become physically involved; give. The fate of the world truly does depend on you. The Climate Change Now Initiative is a nonprofit 501c3 organization supported entirely by donor contributions. Our participation goes far beyond the resources in this knowledge base. Please tell your friends. Slide

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