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November 2009

Airborne Fraction of CO2: Concentration vs. Load

By CO2

The Airborne Faction Discussion:  This topic is controversial only in the minds of radical climate skeptics. Actually there is controversy, but it is totally different from what the radical climate skeptics (RCS) is saying. What RCS propaganda says is that because the airborne fraction is not increasing, there is no basis for climate change. What…

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US Government OMG Climate Report – – – Extreme Beyond Imagining – – –

By Heat

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) coordinates and integrates federal research on changes in the global environment and their implications for society. The USGCRP began as a presidential initiative in 1989 (Reagan – Bus) and was mandated by Congress in the Global Change Research Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-606), which called for "a comprehensive…

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Al Gore joins James Hansen in advocating civil disobedience to force action on climate change

By What we can do

Why are these two very prominent and very important national and international leaders advocating breaking the law to force action on climate change?  Because without extreme measures, we are virtually guaranteed of dangerous climate change. The following are three quotes from the guardian’s interview of Al Gore: "Civil disobedience has an honorable history. When urgency…

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Ecological consequences of a warming planet – Earth’s Caribou population has collapsed – Foreshadowing ecological trends across the rest of the planet

By Extinction events

The International Polar Year resulted in this study by a team of 25 Arctic researchers. Seven degrees of warming in some parts of the Arctic have changed more than just the average temperature. The Arctic biosphere is collapsing. Arctic sea ice is projected to disappear like it has not done in 14 million years (here)….

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