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August 2013

Double Blind Peer Review

By Misc

“Nature” is one of the oldest scientific journals in existence. First Published in 1869, it is also one of the most distinguished and prestigious scientific journals and was ranked the world’s most cited academic journal in 2010. The Nature Publishing Group (NPG) includes 117 academic journals ranging from Acta Pharmacologica Sinca (China’s leading journal on…

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Political Movement Behind the Scenes on Climate Change

By Myths, politics, Solutions

From Al Gore’s Ezra Klien’s interview in the Washington Post on 8/21/13   Al Gore has a really important Climate Change Initiative that is gaining steam, participants and press. It is called the Climate Reality Project ( There are a few really important things that Al said about the politics of our climate future that…

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Sea Level Rise Jumps to 10 mm After The Outback Captures 7mm of Sea Level

By Sea Level Rise, Uncategorized

The National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder Colorado and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, funded by the National Science Foundation, have been taking a serious look at some radically crazy sea level rise figures. It seems that the Australian Outback has taken over sea level rise. Those widespread floods that ended (temporarily?) Australia’s latest 10-year…

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