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May 2010

Mt. Everest Trail Melting

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From the Telegraph: "Rising temperatures have melted much of the ice on the steep trail to the summit and climbers are struggling to get traction on the exposed rock surface, according to the 49-year-old Sherpa, known only as Apa. The melting ice has also exposed…

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European Science Foundation – Oceans are already 30% More Acidic Than They Were 200 Years Ago. "Ocean acidification is more rapid than any time in the last 35 million years."

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The Oceans are our largest natural sink for CO2. They absorb excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, but the oceans become more polluted as they absorb more CO2. It’s like a bioaccumulating toxin. CO2 is the mercury of our ocean’s water. The CO2 pollutes our…

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"Climate is Changing Ten Times Faster Than Predicted" Dr. Konrad Steffan, Director of CIRES – the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

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*** I talked with one of the scientists that I interviewed in Greenland in 2007 recently. I had found a previously forgotten quote that appeared to be from him in my notes from my trip and I wanted to confirm. The quote was "Climate change…

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