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April 2011

2010 All weather today is Caused by Climate Change Because, Our Climate has Changed as per One of the Most Important Climate Scientists in the World

By Extreme Weather

April 30,    More and more scientists are finally making the realization that this common excuse for the wicked climate change induced extremes of weather we have been having are actual ALL being caused by climate change. Today in real climate science land, "we can not tell if any one individual weather event is caused…

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NASA – Annual 2010 Temperature Hottest Ever

By Temperature

The yearly average global temperature last year beat out 2005 as the warmest ever by a few hundredths of a degree. The UK Met, The United Kingdom’s national weather service, tells a little different story, but not much. They had 2011 as the second warmest ever, just behind 1998.  Why the difference?  The Goddard Institute…

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