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February 2011

Beyond Dangerous Climate Change: 2 Degrees C is Out of Reach, Now Comes Extremely Dangerous Climate Change

By Emissions Scenarios

I do not make this stuff up. These are the scientists words, not mine. The title of this review comes directly from the article titled "Beyond Dangerous Climate Change: Emission Scenarios for a New World". It was published in January in the most prestigious academic journal in the U.K., Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society….

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The End of the Arctic As We Know It

By Arctic Sea Ice

A study from the Academy of Sciences of Germany, Alfred Wegner Institute of Polar and Marine Research and the University of Colorado, Boulder has quotes “We find that early 21st century temperatures of Atlantic Water entering the Arctic Ocean are unprecedented over the past 2,000 years and are presumably linked to the Arctic amplification of…

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Antarctica is Still Warming

By Uncategorized

February 1, 2011 – A paper by Stieg et. al. in 2009, widely accepted as the best  in Antarctic temperature analysis in recent history, has recently come under fire from a paper by O’Donnell, et. al. O’Donnell’s paper says that warming in Antarctica is only half of what Stieg says.  The denialists are wild with…

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