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August 2011

Permian Extinction Included Massive Forest Die-off Caused by Abrupt Climate Change Fungus:

By Forest Mortality

“The death of the forests – primarily comprised of conifers, which are distant relatives of today’s pines and firs – was part of the largest extinction of life on Earth, which occurred when today’s continents were part of one supercontinent, Pangaea. The so-called Permian extinction likely was triggered by immense volcanic eruptions in what is…

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Somali, Ethiopia and Kenya – The Most Severe Food Shortage Security Emergency in the World Today

By Impacts

An article in Nature News, in the journal Nature, describes the prediction of this famine and it linked to climate change. Last summer, the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) set up by the US Agency for International Development to help policy makers prevent humanitarian disasters, predicted this major and growing famine. At risk…

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New 30-year Climate Averages Obscure Climate Change Even More

By Temperature

Every ten years NOAA recalculates their average temperature. the average temperature is what we hear every night on television when the weathergirl says “the normal low temperature today was fourtysomething (or whatever).” NOAA, the parent organization of the National Weather Service, supplies these “normal temperatures. They are based on the average temperature for the high…

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