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December 2010

Antarctica melt / ice loss accelerates

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Recent studies using the new GRACE gravity measuring satellites (see here) have shown startling new results for ice melt / ice loss from Antarctica.  As the dataset from the new satellites, put up in 2003, grows larger, the melt / ice loss continues to grow. Previous studies have shown the melt/loss coming mainly from West…

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Non CO2 Greenhouse Gas Warming Will Persist for Longer Than 1,000 Years

By Impacts

Non CO2 Greenhouse Gas Warming Will Persist for Longer Than 1,000 Years  Abstract: Emissions of a broad range of greenhouse gases of varying lifetimes contribute to global climate change. Carbon dioxide displays exceptional persistence that renders its warming nearly irreversible for more than 1,000 years. Here we show that the warming due to non-CO2 greenhouse…

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Unprecedented Forest Die-off in Southwestern U.S.

By Forest Mortality

Two US Geological Survey researchers published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences of the United States of America this month and found, not only is there ongoing unprecedented forest die-off from warming and, drought, beetles and disease, but these forests are particularly susceptible to eco-regime change: these forests will likely…

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Arctic Ice Season Decreased by 45 Days 1979 to 2008

By Temperature

(Abstract) Results indicate statistically significant negative trends for melt onset and end dates as well as for the length of the melt season. On the average, over the past 30 years melt has been starting (finishing) ∼0.5 days/year (∼1 days/year) earlier and the length of the melting season is shortening by ∼0.6 days/year. Results indicate…

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Coral Bleaching Could be the Worst Ever in 2010

By Impacts

The Australian Research Council (ARC) said in press release that reefs are dead or dying across the Indian Ocean and into the Coral Triangle because of extra warm surface waters from the Seychelles in the west to Sulawesi and the Philippines in the east including reefs in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and many…

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12-03-2010: Environmentalist Bruce Melton on Climate Science and Global Warming

By Podcasts

Rag Radio 2010-12-03 / Environmentalist Bruce Melton on Climate Science and Global Warming by Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer Podcast – Bruce Melton is an Austin-based civil engineer and a student of climate science. He is an environmental researcher, trained outreach specialist, a green builder, an environmental filmmaker, and a regular contributor to The Rag…

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Catastrophic Change and Climate Blindness

By CO2 Removal and Sequestration, forest health, Forest Mortality, ice sheet, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, Oceans, Shifting Ecology, Solutions

How do we curb emissions with the way our society has evolved? Really. I mean serious curbing; enough to prevent dangerous climate change? When considering the answer, dangerous climate change must be clearly defined. So, what exactly is dangerous climate change? Read More — First published on the Rag Blog

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