Copenhagen: NOAA CLIVAR Program – Antarctic Deep Water Warming, Southern Ocean Freshening

By March 11, 2009 February 28th, 2013 Antarctica, Oceans

Deep waters in the Antarctic account for twice as much deep water formation in the oceans compared to North Atlantic deep waters. The temperature of Antarctic deep water is warming and the surface waters of the Antarctic ocean are freshening. Both of these things are likely caused by increased Antarctic melt and a slowing of deep water formation. Both of which also slow ocean currents. This combined with a significant slowing of North Atlantic currents significantly reduces ocean current speed, deep water burial of CO2 and heat and could be one of the greatest positive feedback mechanism yet identified. Of course the scientists can not say this yet, their has not been enough research, there are not enough data, the statistical f tests can not be conclusive with so little data. If this were a murder trial however, climate would be guilty. In a murder trial, a guilty verdict can be rendered based on evidence  beyond a reasonable doubt. The dictionary says that "beyond a reasonable doubt "is a difficult thing to define, but it also says that this is sometimes referred to as a "moral truth".

Knowing what we know today about climate, it is a sin to NOT immediately connect climate warming to many of the yet "unprovable" climate events on the planet. This is one of the great dilemmas of the understanding of climate science and the trust that the public has concerning climate science. The level of truth that the industry of science requires of its scientists is higher than that required to send a person accused of murder to the electric chair.