Emailgate: If Only This Were The End of It

By July 10, 2010 February 21st, 2013 Uncategorized

From a Grist post: " . . . The Muir investigation is the third independent evaluation in Great Britain to confirm the credibility of the scientists and accuracy of the science discussed in the stolen emails and posted online on November 20. The conclusions of the Muir panel, moreover, come less than a week after an investigative panel at Pennsylvania State University confirmed the quality of the climate science prepared by Michael E. Mann, a climatologist at Penn State University, and the author of a number of the email messages hacked from East Anglia University’s data bank. In February, a separate Penn State panel concluded there was "no substance" to allegations of impropriety made by opponents of climate action, and that Dr. Mann’s scientific practices, ethics, research, and conduct were not in dispute. "We can now put this bogus, manufactured scandal behind us, and move on to a more constructive conversation about climate change . . . " Don’t Let the Climategate Hit You on the Way Out – by Keith Schneider