Fred Pearce, The Guardian Puts EmailGate to Rest

By February 5, 2010 February 24th, 2013 Deniers and Delayers

February 5, 2010 I am just going to quote Fred Pearce from the Guardian. "None of the 1,073 emails plus 3,587 files containing documents, raw data and computer code upsets the 200-year-old science behind the "greenhouse effect" of gases like carbon dioxide, which traps solar heat and warm the atmosphere. Nothing changes the fact that carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere thanks to human emissions from burning carbon-based fuels like coal and oil. Nor the calculations of physicists that for every square meter of the earth’s surface, 1.6 watts more energy now enters the atmosphere than leaves it. And we know the world is warming as a result. Thousands of thermometers in areas remote from any conceivable local urban influences tell us that."

Academic Board of Inquiry Absolves Dr. Michael Mann of any Wrong Doing in EmailGate Dr. Mann is the U.S. connection to Emailgate, No crimes here.  Will somebody stop the Groundhog Day movie now? Dr. Mann is one of the senior world climate scientists responsible for "The Hockey Stick" . He works at Penn State.