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New Website and a Backlog of Posts

By September 15, 2015October 16th, 2015Uncategorized
Bruce at Point 660 DSC_0011

Melton at Point 660, Greenland, near Kangerlussuaq, west coast, just north of the Arctic Circle.

Welcome to the 21st Century as the band’s song says, only this is about a new website for Climate Change Now and Climate Discovery. We have migrated to Climate, so your old links may be funky, hopefully not. We still own the .com and have it redirected it to .org.

It’s been a busy summer with a filming trip to the Rockies and two months of website shenanigans. The mountain pine beetle attack is waning, but 6,000 miles and 14 continental divide passes show that spruce beetle, fir beetle, budworm and blister rust are now as bad as anything we have experienced with the mountain pine beetle. We will be reporting on this soon.

Also stay tuned for more from Padre Island. The surf was into the dunes again during non-storm conditions last April with the Spring Tide. We will be down there agian this fall with the King Tide.

Likewise, the band is getting a page face lift and a bunch of remixed songs. We have learned a lot about music production in the last six or eight years. Also still to come is a real web page for our articles that we have had published in the popular press.

There is a lot of new flashy 21st century content on the site. A few glitches still exist, but we will address these (hopefully) soon. It’s tough flying without wings (funding). If you know of some pockets, please let us know.

We hope you enjoy the posts, this truly is a beautiful and fascinating world we live in. And remember: the solutions to climate pollution are no more expensive than what we spend on advertising every year. Please tell your friends (your facebook friends too!) and get involved. Because of delay, we now must remove a lot more than all of the CO2 we emit every year–something like two or three times what we emit every year. If we delay¬†longer, it truly may be curtains Batman.

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