One month of Obama and no cap and trade, no carbon tax, nothing but a stimulus plan worth nearly $720 billion in carbon dioxide

By February 20, 2009 March 1st, 2013 Solutions

February 20, 2009 One month of Obama and no cap and trade, no carbon tax, nothing but a stimulus plan worth nearly $720 billion in carbon dioxidego here: Climate Ark This is a climate news portal from Australia. Remember Australia? They were the last of two nations on the entire Earth to sign Kyoto. The just signed last year. Remember who the last nation on Earth yet to sign Kyoto is??? Read a few of the news stories about how the Aussie’s are reacting to climate change. Then look at what the good old US of A is doing.  BTW, I took off $80 billion from the Stimulus Plan for the paltry 10% that was dedicated to alternative energy.  We can save the world economy and the world at the same time by dedicating ourselves to saving the world.

$800 billion would make a dent in cutting back on carbon, but we need to be removing some of the carbon already in our atmosphere AND not putting any more in. Climate is the only issue. It’s all in the academic journals. I have read the secrets in the climate scientists writings. I can decipher their language. The big picture is frightening. The scientists in the field and in their offices are frightened. This is for real and this is for keeps. Not only do we not get a second change, but it gets worse before it gets worse.

The most insidious thing about climate change is the thirty year time lag. This is that "built-in warming" that most have heard about.  The thirty-year climate lag means that today, we are experiencing climate that was generated by greenhouse gas concentrations from the 1970s.  Our planet’s population has almost doubled since then and our per capita carbon dioxide emissions have increased by five times. Today, our gross carbon emissions are ten times more than they were in the 1970s and our climate is just now reacting to the greenhouse gas concentrations from then.

Building more roads, fixing up our schools, how many hundred billions in tax breaks? All that stuff in the stimulus plan does nothing except emit more carbon. And now, Ken Salazar, Obama’s Secretary of the interior says that oil shale is not out of the question.  The only thing worse than oil shale, no wait – oil shale is the worst. Oil shale is worse than tar sands and tar sands are worse than coal, and Obama’s Secretary of the Interior is thinking about supporting oil shale. That ain’t right.