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Rag Radio 2023-07-21, Climate Change Scholar and Activist Bruce Melton on the Unprecedented Texas Heat

Rag Radio 2023-07-21, Climate Change scholar and activist Bruce Melton is Thorne Dreyer’s guest on Rag Radio where they discuss the unprecedented heat in the summer of 2023. Among topics Bruce addresses are: What is going on with this increasing frequency of extreme events? Is the heat increasing faster? The additional causes of extreme heat beyond climate change including El Nino, new air pollution regulations in China, India and shipping that are limiting global cooling sulfates, and the Tonga Eruption that injected so much sea water into the stratosphere that instead of hte normal cooling volcanoes do because of their sulfate aerosol emissions, this volcano will warm earth about 0.16 C for the next five to ten years. Bruce will answer the question, “What can be done?”  The answers are restoring our climate back to within evolutionary boundaries, not additional warming to 1.5 C, and preparing for worse than the worst-case scenario.
by Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
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July 20, 2023