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Climate reform

Microsoft on climate: The game changer

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Climate Policy, climate restoration, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Earth systems, in-depth and Popular Press, Negative emissions, politics, Psycho, Scenarios, Temperature, The Unexpected, What we can do

Microsoft on climate: The game changer Historic climate pollution emissions almost everyone missed. By Bruce Melton First published on the, February 3, 2020 Microsoft going net zero by 2030 is a tremendously insightful action, but what’s truly groundbreaking and ever so much more important today, 30 years after we began trying to solve the…

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CO2 Capture – We have The Technology

By Climate Culture, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, climate restoration, climate solutions, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Healthy Climate, Legacy Policy, Negative emissions, politics, Solutions, Strategy

Emissions: We have the Technology From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Nature Outlook An article review by Bruce Melton First published in the Austin Sierran in March 2018 Atmospheric carbon capture is not yet a mainstream topic in climate policy, but to meet even the goals of the Paris Agreement, it is something that…

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2 Degrees C., 1 Degree C. or 0 Degrees C.?

By Abrupt changes, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, economics, Forest Mortality, Legacy Policy, Strategy, Temperature

Two degrees C was first suggested as an upper limit to where we should allow our climate to warm by Nordhaus (Yale) in the American Economic Review in 1977 with the justification that this amount of change would exceed the temperature envelope where our mature civilization has developed. Nordhaus cites Sellers 1974 and NCAR 1974…

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Critical Climate Time Frames: New Strategy is Needed

By Abrupt changes, alternatives, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, Negative emissions, Sea Level Rise, Solutions, Strategy

Scientists have been planning for how to implement a transformation to an alternative energy infrastructure for more than several years now. Jacobson 2013, represents years of effort and others have been doing the same. We know how to evolve our energy infrastructure, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how efficient…

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An Easier Solution to Climate Change

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, aerosols, alternatives, Climate Policy, climate pollutants short-lived, Climate Reform, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, economics, Extreme Weather, in-depth and Popular Press, Sea Level Rise, Shifting Ecology, Strategy, Temperature, What we can do

The driver of our climate system has changed in the last two decades from one that is controlled by annual emissions, to one that is controlled by already emitted CO2. This means that previous strategies to control annual emissions are no longer meaningful and we must now turn our attention to the already emitted climate…

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