The Dead Beetle Killed Trees in Yellowstone are Visible on Google

By June 5, 2010February 21st, 2013Impacts

I was chasing down the location of one of my favorite webcams today – Brooks Lake Lodge in the Shoshone National Forest just east of Grand Teton National Park and immediately south of Yellowstone National Park. I was curious as to the elevation of the lodge, they had a good snow year there this year and there is still more than a foot on the ground. So I Googled up Brooks Lake Lodge on Google satellite image, to my astonishment, there was the red kill from the pine bark beetle pandemic visible on Google!. The dead trees can be seen from space…

I often update this page on my laptop, and when I pulled the Brooks Lake satellite image up on Google on the laptop the colors were not quite as vivid (I have a high end monitor on my video production work station in my office). So I have enhanced the goggle image to make the red kill more obvious. These images are from last summer because there is still snow on the ground at Brooks lake.  I also checked the park road in Grand Teton just south of Jenny Lake where I did a lot of photography for the film.  The red kill is obvious there too.