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The Zombie Apocalypse

I have been busy and let my posting fall behind. Not because of the Zombie Apocalypse—it’s not that bad yet, I have simply fallen behind because of: Three articles on Truthout (see below), my book printer has a new beautiful color printing process and lots of local advocacy work. I also have several other posts and not been able to finish them so look for them to be back posted in March and maybe February. I’ll tell you about the first two, my local work is not what this project is about.

Big projects I have been working on—Truthout: Three articles, 1) World Bank on Climate: “Turn Down the Heat” – Is It Really This Bad? 2) Worst Drought in 1,000 Years Could Begin in Eight Years 3) Propaganda, Self-Censorship and Climate Change (See below for these posts)

My book—Climate Discovery Chronicles:  Print On Demand (POD) publishing allowed me to publish my book, not as a vanity publisher, but as a real publisher with Casa Grande Press. POD allows us to print one book at a time, made to order and shipped directly from the printer to the person who ordered it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or wherever. My printer is Lightning Source (Ingram–for those of you who don not know  book printers, Ingram is the biggest). Now we get new printing technology—and here’s the awesome part: I can reduce the price of my book to $17.50!  –for a full color book about science! Used-to-be, I had to charge $27.50. This a very fabulous development.

I am still in the re-release process but my book (Climate Discovery Chronicles) should be available at the new price ($17.50) on Amazon or your favorite ebookseller in a couple of weeks. I will let you know here as well as a re-release and a new website.

Below are the reposts of the three Truthout articles.