Tornadoes Kill 32 Yesterday—So Early in the Season

By March 3, 2012 November 17th, 2012 Extreme Weather

March 3, 2012: — How many more people will have to die in these unprecedented outbreaks before the delayers get it? It’s hard to say. By all (media) accounts, these outbreaks are not as bad as in the past. We have inflation and more people to increase the chance of damage and death. The D&D (delayer and denier) crowd cites these facts religiously. But they don’t talk about the earliness of these outbreaks much and they don’t talk about the relative number of deaths compared to the pre-early warning system/pre-radar/pre advanced building codes society that has evolved beginning about the time of WWII.

These things are all talked about in depth in the entry for April 29, 2011. Researchers tell us that if today was then, at least for the Oklahoma tornado outbreak in 1999 that killed 36, we can multiply the deaths by about 14 to get a similar amount killed to back-in-the-day.  So thank goodness 416 people were not killed yesterday as the comparison would tell us.