Yale Study: 65% of Republicans Support Carbon Regs

By October 22, 2014 September 15th, 2015 Climate Policy, politics, Psycho

The Yale Project on Climate Communication brings us work that shows us climate regulations are far behind. A very significant majority of republicans support. This study also looked at Conservative Catholics vs. Conservative non-Catholics.

Overall, 65 percent of Republicans support policies to reduce global warming. Breaking down Catholics, 71 percent of Catholic Republicans and 64 percent of non-Catholic Republicans support climate regulations.

What an enormous disconnection between Republican citizens and Republican Party Policy this is.

Data was gathered March 2012 through October 2014. Of the 5,213 participants, 37 percent identified as Republican. The studies criteria were:

“Prospective [survey] members are recruited using a combination of random digit dial and address-based sampling techniques that cover virtually all (non-institutional) resident phone numbers and addresses in the United States. Those contacted who would choose to join the [survey] panel but do not have access to the Internet are loaned computers and given Internet access so they may participate. The sample therefore includes a representative cross-section of American adults – irrespective of whether they have Internet access, use only a cell phone, etc. Key demographic variables were weighted, post survey, to match US Census Bureau norms.”


Among Republicans, Catholics More Likely to Believe that Global Warming is Happening and Support Policies to Reduce It,Yale Project on Climate Communications


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