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New Media Bias: Climate Change Contrarians Preferred in Media, Shaping Policy AND Science

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Oaks killed by drought near Visalia, California. Media Disproportionately Publishes Climate Change Contrarian’s Positions “Climate Change is a Wicked multidimensional problem,” say the authors of this research  from Nature Communications on the disparity between publishing of articles on climate science vs. climate antiscience in the media. The motivation of this study was, “to provide insights…

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First Climate Report from EPA in Four Years: No Thanks to Denier in Chief trump

By Climate Culture, Climate Policy, Deniers and Delayers, Earth systems, Impacts, Myths, politics, summary, Trump

First Climate Report from EPA in Four Years: No Thanks to Denier in Chief For the first time since the Climate Change Denier in Chief was “elected” in 2016, when he shut down climate science at the US Federal Government, the Environmental Protection Agency has updated their climate change indicator data website. The last four…

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Google Identifies Major Climate Denier Organizations

By climate change counter movement, Climate Culture, climate emergency, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, climate restoration, climate solutions, Deniers and Delayers, Messaging, Myths, politics, Psycho, Solutions

(Editors Note: April Fools! And Thank You Extinction Rebellion! Though you nailed me and I had to come back to this post and add this prebuttal, good job. We can only hope Google and others like them will take the lead and discredit where discreditation is due!)   In an excellent move, Google is ceasing…

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Master Denier Frank Luntz Flips on Climate and Offers Communications Help

By Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Extreme Weather, Fire, Healthy Climate, Impacts, Messaging, Myths, Psycho, Strategy, The Unexpected, What we can do

Frank Luntz Flips – Original Climate Change Hoax Strategist Offers to Help Fight Climate Change After Nearly Losing His Home to a Firestorm in LA (See YouTube video of the Skirball Fire in Bel Air here.) The strategist that created the Conservative’s climate change playbook in 2002 has flipped. His house almost burned in a…

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False Balance in the Media Reduces Climate Science Credibility, Oxford English Dictionary

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False Balance in the Media Reduces Climate Science Credibility, Oxford English Dictionary “Journalists have struggled historically to apply the notion of balance to the reporting of climate change science, because even though the overwhelming majority of the world’s experts agree that human-driven climate change is real and will have major future impacts, a minority of scientists dispute this consensus….

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Trump’s Climate Science: EPA’s Latest Muzzle

By Climate Policy, Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Myths, politics, Trump

Trump’s Climate Science: EPA’s Latest Muzzle The latest is this memo (below) to the EPA requiring them to deliberately confuse the scientific position on climate change. It was supposedly written by Joel D. Scheraga, EPA Senior Adviser for Climate Adaptation. Scheraga was on the team that produced President Obama’s 2013 Climate Action Plan and was a Lead…

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What’s the Big Deal With Climate Change?

By Abrupt changes, Climate Culture, Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Drought, Emissions Scenarios, Extreme Weather, forest health, Forest Mortality, Impacts, Messaging, Myths, pine beetle, Psycho, Shifting Ecology, Strategy, The Unexpected, What we can do

What’s the Big Deal With Climate Change? We all understand climate change is trouble. Even a really significant percentage of oil and gas professionals understand. Of a recent poll (2014) of 474 oil and gas industry insiders, 85 percent believed global warming was happening, 58 percent were either very sure or extremely sure, and 57 percent…

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Trump on Global Warming: What’s so Bad About A Little Warming

By Arctic, Deniers and Delayers, Extreme Weather, Forest Mortality, Impacts, Myths, polar vortex, Shifting Ecology, Temperature, The Unexpected

We have all heard it before: “What’s so bad about a little warming?”  Several things are at play here. First, it’s winter. It’s far colder in winter than the warming we have experienced. So when it’s winter it’s cold, relative to when it’s not winter. But a little warming can’t be that bad, right?Our global…

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Fake News Reduces Climate Science Outreach

By Climate Policy, Deniers and Delayers, Messaging, Myths, politics, Psycho, Strategy

Fake News Reduces Climate Science Outreach Reported this month in EOS, the journal of the American Geophysical Union, Climate scientists are slowing their publicity of new discoveries.  Inaccurate reporting, and reporting taken out of context are a scientists worst nightmare. In this day of fake news and radically divisive partisan reporting on climate science, the…

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What We Can Do as Individuals to Advance Climate Change Awareness

By Deniers and Delayers, global warming psychology, Messaging, Myths, Psycho, Solutions, Strategy

  What is the most efficient thing we can do to progress climate change awareness and defeat the Climate Change Counter Movement’s stranglehold on a healthy climate? What can we do when politics has been destroying our ability to act to regulate climate pollution for a generation? What to do when 75 or even 85…

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Global Warming Psychology and How To Use It

By Deniers and Delayers, Messaging, Myths, politics, Psycho, Strategy, What we can do

The partisan divide over climate change is growing and the scholarly literature blames it on conservative political bias in the media. (Charmichael 2017, Dunlap 2016) Though this is not what we hear in the media, the reason we don’t “hear” this, is in itself the conservative bias in the media. (National Academies of Sciences 2017)…

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Climate Change: What Should We Do?

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One of the biggest myths about climate change is that emissions reductions cool Earth. This is nowhere close to reality. Even the Paris Commitments of 80 percent emissions reductions by 2050 allow warming to triple by 2050 and quintuple by 2100.  We (the royal we) have great challenges as climate reform decision makers. If our…

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Paris Warms, Not Cools, for Thousands of Years

By Climate Policy, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Legacy Policy, Myths, Negative emissions, Scenarios, Strategy, Temperature

It’s a widely held misconception that implementation of Paris Climate commitments would tame the climate beast. This has no more been the case in the past than it is today. Our culture of climate policy has always relied on overshoot, or additional increase in temperature as we implement greenhouse gas regulations and reduce the amount…

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Apparent Drought, Extremes and Future Impacts

By Drought, Extreme Weather, forest health, Forest Mortality, Heat, Impacts, Myths, rainfall, Shifting Ecology, Temperature, Vegetation Response

One of the general quandaries about current climate change impacts and those with our future climate has been: “how do we end up with drying when precipitation increases with warming as we already see happening and is further projected in the future?” This research from Princeton, University of Southampton and the US Geological Survey does…

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Legacy Climate Policy: The Scale of the Current Science and Need for DAC

By Climate Policy, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Emissions, in-depth and Popular Press, Myths, Negative emissions, Solutions, Uncategorized

In the run up to the Paris climate talks, current policy is far behind. Virtually unknown is science stating that the solutions to treating climate pollution are simple, cheap and radically change a generation of policy we are currently trying to implement. Legacy climate policy being enacted today, and proposed at the Paris climate talks is…

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Temperature Pause 7: Unprecedented North Pacific Warming Ends Cool Phase

By Myths, Oceans, Temperature

Whatever it has been that has kept the average global temperature from skyrocketing along with greenhouse gas concentrations is likely being overwhelmed. Of most significance is an unprecedented hot spot in the North Pacific that has probably signaled an end to the current cool phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Last summer’s global sea surface…

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The Pause… The Hiatus… Temperature Flattening Myth, Part 6

By Myths, pause hiatus, Temperature

Work from the  Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW (The University of New South Wales), Australia Shows what temps would be like without anthropogenic interference—including aerosols in the mid 20th century! These researchers used the latest generation of climate model simulations  to investigate the occurrence of hiatus periods in the past and under two future scenarios….

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