More Arctic Amplification – Global Average Temperature, Great Lakes and Northward

By June 29, 2014 February 17th, 2015 Arctic, Extreme Weather

Over the mid Northern Mid- and High Latitudes minimum temperatures will increases more than maximum temperatures. In other words, if it warms ten degrees in the daytime on average, it will only warm twenty degrees at night, on average across the globe at these latitudes.

What he basically found was that that cold periods are warming more rapidly that warm periods are warming. There’s a little bit of mental gymnastics involved but it paints a picture of exactly how our world is changing. It’s not just a shift of 0.7 degrees C. He says that in the future, the same modeling projects further decreases in temperature variability in all seasons, except summer.

Screen also just published another paper based on this work that shows increases of extreme weather events that we reported on here.

Screen, Arctic amplification decreases temperature variance in northern mid to high latitudes, Nature, June 15, 2014

Increasing magnitude of jet stream waves. First confirmation, previous work has been about slowing of progression of waves


Press Release, Exeter: