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Arctic Amplification

Climate Change 2017: What Happened and What It Means

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Climate Change 2017: What Happened and What It Means By Bruce Melton First posted on, December 30, 2017 How many more billions of dollars in damages will it take? How many more lives? It’s obvious; all the climate extremes we have been experiencing lately are indeed caused by climate change. Our climate is already…

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Defending Francis and Vavrus: Arctic Amplification and Extreme Cold Weather

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Arctic Amplification means more energy in the Arctic. It’s warmer there now so there is more energy there. The “amplification” part of Arctic Amplification refers to how the Arctic, which is warming at twice or more the rate of the rest of the world, reacts with the rest of world. The global air currents that…

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By Extreme Weather

Research from last March tells us that Superstorm Sandy was directly caused by climate change. I won’t bore you with more quotes from Governors Cuomo or Christie, or the latest “speculation” in the media about whether or not Superstorm Sandy was or was not “influenced” by climate change. I’ll not repeat the list of stunning…

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