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mass balance

West Antarctic Melt Rate has Tripled

By Glaciers, ice sheet, ice sheets, Sea Level Rise, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Researchers at UC Cal Irvine and NASA, using four different measurement techniques, have found that West Antarctica’s ice loss has tripled since 1992. The measurements looked at glaciers discharging to a west central location of West Antarctica called the Amundsen Sea Embayment (see Amundsen Sea in the map on the right). This could possibly be…

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IPCC Underestimates Greenland Ice Loss

By Glaciers, ice sheet

Greenland’s ice mass loss appears to be 22 percent more than 2013 IPCC suggests. The IPCC uses four major outlet glaciers to define Greenland ice mass loss. The most recent evaluation uses 130 glaciers and nearly 100,000 satellite laser altimetry points across Greenland. This work was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of…

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