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Tipping Points Are Active: Fundamentals of the Climate Emergency, Austin Sierra Club Climate Change Committee,

By May 4, 2020June 30th, 2021Gigs and Presentations

More than half of known climate tipping points or Earth systems, are currently active. They complete without further warming, 45 percent have dynamic feedbacks that enhance extremeness and speed the collapses of other tipping systems, and most are irreversible upon completion of their activations. We don’t exactly know when their activations will complete, and some may have already gone irreversible (thawed permafrost for example),  but we do know that risks increase nonlinearly time. The only way to reverse their activations is to lower Earth’s temperature to below the tipping threshold, that is cooler than our current temperature of 1.0 degrees C above normal. Included are descriptions and the meaning of these impacts that have created our climate emergency. (updated, Sierra Club Grass Roots Network Climate Emergency Team June 25, 2020) Updated Link (Original Link)

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