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Risky Feedbacks – Not In Models; Understated Solutions

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Risky Feedbacks – Not In Models; Understated Solutions Feedbacks are best understood by example. Austin’s 2023 ice storm that caused massive tree damage and excessive power outages was caused by a feedback. The ice storm stalled in a classic climate change-caused effect, creating a longer ice accumulation time than in our old climate. This additional…

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2022 – Quick Review of 48 Critical Climate Science Findings

By Abrupt changes, Climate Catastrophes, climate emergency, Climate Policy, climate restoration, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, summary

A few sequoias saved from the KNP fire.   2022 Review – Critical Climate Science Findings Below are some of the scientific findings that made our archives in 2022. These are just a fraction of what made it into the archives, but they represent the most important aspects of climate change impacts happening far ahead…

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Dragon’s Mouths, Permafrost and Earth Systems Collapse Blindness

By Abrupt changes, Alaska, Arctic warming, climate emergency, Climate Policy, climate restoration, Emissions flip, frozen ground, Impacts, Permafrost, Permafrost melt, Scenarios

(cover image: Permafrost thaw, Glenn Highway, Southeastern Alaska) It is nothing short of amazing that scientists consistently find that ecological collapses have been activated, but do not connect that existing warming today, that activated these impacts, allows these collapses to cross the “point of no return” into irreversible collapse. That they believe these ecologies or…

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Permafrost Collapse Ongoing – Completes With No Further Warming

By Abrupt changes, Arctic warming, climate emergency, climate restoration, Earth systems, Emissions flip, feedback, frozen ground, Negative emissions, Permafrost, Permafrost melt

Background: Permafrost Collapse is Underway With Emission Plausibly Rivaling All of Global Transportation… Across the Northern Hemisphere, permafrost collapse emitted 630 TgC, or 2.3 gigatons (Gt) CO2 (not including methane) on average every year from 2003 to 2017 as per findings from Natali et al., 2019, that tells us, “We estimate a contemporary loss of…

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Tipping Points Are Active: Fundamentals of the Climate Emergency, Austin Sierra Club Climate Change Committee,

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More than half of known climate tipping points or Earth systems, are currently active. They complete without further warming, 45 percent have dynamic feedbacks that enhance extremeness and speed the collapses of other tipping systems, and most are irreversible upon completion of their activations. We don’t exactly know when their activations will complete, and some…

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Climate Science Compromise Feedback Loop and Unrecoverable Impacts

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Why are climate change impacts so much worse than projected? What does it mean? Why don’t we do something? In a nutshell, science is conservative, it’s slow, and the great climate consensus that has evolved to protect our society compounds the understating nature of the industry of science. This creates a vastly understating public facing message. …

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