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Falling Emissions: With Offshored Goods and Fugitive Emissions — Not So Much

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Observations on Declining U.S. Emissions: It’s a widely held belief that the U.S. has been reducing emissions since the peak  2005-2007 before the recession. This is just barely valid today, but several years back it was not. The last time we reported on this, U.S. emission had not fallen as the EPA had insisted, but…

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Saved They Say: Emissions Have Flattened — Climate Mirage

By aerosols, Climate Policy, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Emissions, ice sheets, Negative emissions, Sea Level Rise, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

And they also say that Elvis is not dead. But alas… the answer is no, we are not saved. Things are actually getting worse because of the so-called “flattening emissions.” This needs to be said over and over: the only way to treat the vast amount of long-lived warming pollutants already emitted into our sky…

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Emissions Timing: The New Direction of Climate Pollution Policy

By Climate Policy, Emissions, Methane

For a generation we have proposed climate pollution control policy based on the 100-year time frame and simple “test tube” lab evaluation of the warming potential of individual greenhouse gases (also called “global warming potential” or GWP). This was once enough to prevent dangerous climate change, but the times have changed. Not only do we…

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A Fracking Mess It Is

By Methane

International Energy Agency (IEA) Says Oil Shall Fracking May Kill Alternatives: The Bad News Is That Natural Gas Production Produces Greater Warming than Coal The International Energy Association (IEA) in their new report “Golden Rules for the Golden Age of Gas” says cheap natural gas from fracking oil shale may kill the budding alternative energy…

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