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Apparent Drought, Extremes and Future Impacts

By Drought, Extreme Weather, forest health, Forest Mortality, Heat, Impacts, Myths, rainfall, Shifting Ecology, Temperature, Vegetation Response

One of the general quandaries about current climate change impacts and those with our future climate has been: “how do we end up with drying when precipitation increases with warming as we already see happening and is further projected in the future?” This research from Princeton, University of Southampton and the US Geological Survey does…

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A Half Billion Trees May Have Been Killed by Drought in Texas

By Drought

Update: The final count is 301 million, right in the middle of the 100 to 500 million estimate. See October 24, 2012 discussion In a preliminary report, the Texas Forest Service says that 100 million to 500 million trees have been killed across Texas. A more detailed evaluation is due out in the spring….

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