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9-23-22: Sequoia Burn – Ongoing Collapse of the Unburnable

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Rag Radio 2022-09-23 – Bruce Melton on Climate Change & the Sequoia Burn by Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer Podcast – Bruce Melton is Thorne Dreyer’s guest on Rag Radio. He is our regular commentator on climate issues, having been on the show multiple times. Bruce recently wrote for The Rag Blog about his filming of the…

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Sequoias Burn: Ongoing Collapse of the Unburnable

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Sequoias Burn: Ongoing Collapse of the Unburnable By Bruce Melton PE, Director of the Climate Change Now Initiative 2005, (Co-published on the Rag Blog for an interview on Rag Radio in Austin, syndicated on Pacifica, September 23, 2022, 2 to 3 pm Central – KOOP 91.7 FM Streaming) The National Park Service says sequoias…

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Giant Sequoias: A Tipping Point

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The Sequoia Burn Giant Sequoias: A Climate Tipping Point by Bruce Melton PE Follow MeltOn in the field on Instagram See the abridged version on August 9, 2022. Summary: Up to 13,000 mature sequoias were killed by wildfire between 2015 and 2021, with a total known population of only about 75,500 mature trees. Sequoias…

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Increasing Wildfire Caused by Climate Change – NASA Uses Professional Judgement

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Climate Change Caused Wildfire – NASA Uses Professional Judgement This piece by NASA really supports the interpretation that no, the increase in fires is not natural cycles, not accumulated fuels because of fire suppression, or even enhanced by climate change. What they are saying is that the unprecedented increase in fires we have been seeing…

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Paradise California: 14,000 Simultaneous Climate Change Catastrophes – The Camp Fire 2018

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The depths of the Paradise Fire on November 8, 2018 are yet unknown. 14,000 homes were destroyed in four hours along with another 5,000 businesses and commercial structures. Recovery appears to be strong, debris are about half removed, but reconstruction as yet has little obvious momentum. 14,000 Simultaneous Catastrophes: Climate Change in Paradise California, the…

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Global Deforestation from Insects, Disease, Wildfire, Drought Kill – Dwarf Emissions from Third World Agriculture Deforestation

By Forest Mortality

The World Wildlife Fund says that we could lose 57 billion acres of forest to development and agriculture by 2050. There is NO mention of loss of forests due to climate change in their new report. Even though, 64 million acres are dead from a climate change induced insect attack in the North American Rockies….

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