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International Geophysical Year (IPY): $1.2 billion in research says climate change is worse than previously understood and will likely get worse before it gets worse. (Preliminary Report)

By | Impacts

IPY is the largest internationally coordinated planetary research effort in the past 50 years. More than 160 endorsed science projects are included in this report from researchers in more than 60 countries from the period March 2007 to March 2009 to allow for observations during…

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The good news is that we know it is going to be much worse than previously predicted: MIT Updates their climate projections – The bad news is that the media has now begun to completely ignore the environment

By | Impacts

MIT projections are almost double the IPCCs. Very scary stuff, and this makes four major publications in as many weeks that the media has not  acknowledged. And it is great climate change art too. The "no policy scenario" is business as usual. The policy scenario…

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Methane time bomb

By | Methane, Permafrost

Dr. Katey Walter, from the University of Fairbanks, sees methane like many climate scientists these days. The warming across the planet is concentrated at the poles because of what is called polar amplification. This means that the Arctic is warming even more than the rest…

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Sterns makes dire statements

By | Emissions

(AP Press)Eminent British economist Lord Nicholas Sterns made some dire statements while visiting Antarctica with an team of key international climate leaders:  "… if negotiators falter, if emissions reductions are not made soon and deep, the severe climate shifts and sea-level rises projected by scientists…

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