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Why Climate Science Communication is so Poor and Next Steps

By Psycho, Solutions, What we can do

The new discipline of global warming psychology tells that clear and concise communications of climate science can no longer provide the public knowledge needed to advance climate pollution policy. In 2013 alone, 13,000 papers were published about “global climate change” or closely related topics. How scientists interact with the public however has changed very little,…

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Calling all earthlings: Climate change communications may as well be from aliens, by Bruce Melton

By in-depth and Popular Press, Messaging, Psycho, Solutions

Relative to most of the 20th century, Austin’s January highs and lows were not 2.9 and 1.4 degrees above normal, but 9.9 and 10.4 degrees above normal! (First published on The Rag Blog, April 25, 2013. ) AUSTIN — Average temperatures have risen rapidly at the Austin reporting station since the turn of the…

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