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First Climate Report from EPA in Four Years: No Thanks to Denier in Chief trump

By Climate Culture, Climate Policy, Deniers and Delayers, Earth systems, Impacts, Myths, politics, summary, Trump

First Climate Report from EPA in Four Years: No Thanks to Denier in Chief For the first time since the Climate Change Denier in Chief was “elected” in 2016, when he shut down climate science at the US Federal Government, the Environmental Protection Agency has updated their climate change indicator data website. The last four…

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Climate Change 2018 Review: The Good and Bad, What Have We Learned?

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Climate Change 2018 Review:  Part 1 – The Bad  by Bruce Melton Climate Change Now Initiative, 501c3 (Link to Article) So much happened in our climate change world in 2018 that we are printing this article in two parts: The Bad, and The Good. We start with the bad, and as bad as it was…

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Trump’s Climate Science: EPA’s Latest Muzzle

By Climate Policy, Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Myths, politics, Trump

Trump’s Climate Science: EPA’s Latest Muzzle The latest is this memo (below) to the EPA requiring them to deliberately confuse the scientific position on climate change. It was supposedly written by Joel D. Scheraga, EPA Senior Adviser for Climate Adaptation. Scheraga was on the team that produced President Obama‚Äôs 2013 Climate Action Plan and was a Lead…

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Trump on Global Warming: What’s so Bad About A Little Warming

By Deniers and Delayers, Extreme Weather, Forest Mortality, Impacts, Myths, polar vortex, Shifting Ecology, Temperature, The Unexpected

We have all heard it before: “What’s so bad about a little warming?”  Several things are at play here. First, it’s winter. It’s far colder in winter than the warming we have experienced. So when it’s winter it’s cold, relative to when it’s not winter. But a little warming can’t be that bad, right?Our global…

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